Wedding Stories

“…the breathtaking natural surroundings and exceptional support of the resort staff make this an exceptional place to get married.”
– Rocky Mountain Bride Magazine

Evan and Meryl were each accepted into the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon, SK in 2007. After a year of group studying, indoor climbing, and – both West Coasters at heart – dreaming of mountains, they started dating during a 3-day, 60km trek with friends in the Rockies. Later that summer, their first official date was a weekend backpacking trip; the only slight wrinkle in plans was Meryl’s recently broken leg. With Meryl crutching along her splinted leg and Evan carrying all the gear, they still managed a wilderness adventure. Ever since, they have continued to enjoy all forms of challenge in the backcountry, from kayaking to hiking and now backpacking with their two dogs. Kumsheen was the ideal location to share both their commitment to one other and their love of outdoors with family and friends. A number of guests were relieved to discover the venue included stunning accommodation, delicious food, and experienced guides for the thrilling raft adventure; after all, Meryl and Evan provided only a GPS location on the invite!