Wedding Stories

“…the breathtaking natural surroundings and exceptional support of the resort staff make this an exceptional place to get married.”
– Rocky Mountain Bride Magazine

Steve and Vanessa are a fun and laid back couple, not too worried about the details but rather about enjoying their special day, returning to one of their favourite and most important places and sharing it all with family and friends.

Instead of asking for gifts, they requested their guests join them for a weekend of camping (or shall I say glamping!) and celebrating at the Kumsheen resort, followed by a wild and crazy river rafting trip through the most exciting rapids of the Thompson River, an activity that has been an annual part of their unique love story since they first met. Everyone who came to the wedding had to travel, some from as near as Vancouver and others from as far as Vancouver Island and Germany. Few had ever had an experience like this, making it an extra special and memorable event for all involved.

Vanessa is a German trained dance instructor so needless to say Steve has been brought into the dance world with her. I got to see their joint passion for this at our engagement shoot together and again several times throughout the wedding day as they practiced their first dance (a peppy hustle) wherever they could sneak an opportunity, even if it was in the middle of the bridal portraits