Pool & Spa

“The Kumsheen Rafting Resort is one of the most beautiful places in all of British Columbia…”
– Samantha Iverson

Most of our guests are truly amazed at KUMSHEEN’s facilities. At the heart of our Resort is the pool and spa. Whether you’re cooling off in our pool, relaxing in our spa, or enjoying a refreshment at our poolside bar, you’ll be able to enjoy amazing views of the stunning White Canyon after rafting BC’s best rivers.

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We also have comfy lounge chairs, a lush lawn, and Gilligans (our lively beverage bar) – all poolside! Combine that with Lytton’s famous desert-like heat, and you won’t want to leave (and you’ll forget that you’re still in Canada).

On three separate levels (the pool and lounge-chair level, hot-tub level, and poolside bar level), the entire area is well landscaped and was designed to provide dramatic views of White Canyon from your seat in the hot tub or pool.

In addition to serving drinks and snacks, Gilligan’s poolside beverage bar also offers stunning views of White Canyon, live music on Saturday nights, and is a great place to recount your epic day on the water.
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With an impeccable safety record and over 200,000 satisfied visitors, making your way to the Kumsheen Resort could be one of the easiest decisions to make, but leaving could very well be the hardest.
‒ John Pigeon. Vancouver 24 Hours Magazine