Meet This Year’s Leaders

“A marvelous drift through stunning vistas filled with history, birds, flowers, plants, animals and geological marvels”
– Gordon M.

Rick Howie

Rick Howie is a wildlife biologist living in Kamloops and widely known in naturalist circles throughout the province. He worked in national parks as a Chief Park Naturalist and interpreter and as a nature interpreter with provincial parks in BC. Although birds have been a lifelong interest, it is really the ecology of our world from steelhead to sagebrush and beyond that stirs his passion for knowledge and desire to share this with people.

Doug VanDine

In 1973 Doug VanDine was a graduate student studying landslides along the Thompson River.  The same year he met Bernie Fandrich who was offering, for the first time, raft rides down the river. Doug went on to a very successful career in geological engineering: consulting, teaching and writing.  He has become one of BC’s and Canada’s best-known authorities on natural hazards, specifically landslides.  In 1984, Doug and Bernie collaborated on what evolved into Rafting in British Columbia: Featuring the lower Thompson River, the guidebook of the Thompson River.  Doug is looking forward to sharing his insights on the natural history and landslides of his favorite river.

Bernie Fandrich

Kumsheen’s founder and pioneer of BC’s whitewater rafting industry, Bernie’s passionate relationship with the Thompson began with his first raft trip in June 1973. His fledgling operation consisted of one little raft and a VW van and over the years it has grown into one of Canada’s finest and largest rafting resorts. He has authored 2 books about the river including British Columbia’s Majestic Thompson River, a splendid book endorsed by CBC’s Rick Mercer. Bernie will lead the excursion, sharing his knowledge and passion for the river.

Geology and Nature Weekend – Ashcroft to Lytton

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With an impeccable safety record and over 200,000 satisfied visitors, making your way to the Kumsheen Resort could be one of the easiest decisions to make, but leaving could very well be the hardest.
‒ John Pigeon. Vancouver 24 Hours Magazine