Thompson River Naturalist Outing


Top 5 Reasons to Go

1. Explore the river’s ecosystem
2. Learn from expert naturalists
3. Identify desert flora & fauna
4. Spot a diversity of birds
5. Marvel at the river’s geological features

 “We learned so much about the area from Bernie and Rick, seeing everything from an abandon aboriginal village, to a herd of mountain sheep, endless bird life and a complete history of the Thompson River.”


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Don MacGregor

Don MacGregor’s Slideshow

Have a look at the 3 minute slideshow of beautiful photographs taken on a naturalist trip by professional photographer Don MacGregor.

Day 1. Float Trips Ashcroft to Spences Bridge 

Using large, pontoon platform rafts perfect for all ages, the first day of  Kumsheen’s Naturalist Outing introduces you to the natural environment between Ashcroft and Spences Bridge. More than sixty species of birds, a wide array of mammals, reptiles and insects, and a myriad of desert plants are concentrated along the river.

3-Flowering Death Camus (tall plant)

Day 2. Float Trip & Whitewater, Spences Bridge to Lytton

This river section is what has made the Thompson River famous.  We discover the geology, flora and fauna, and learn the natural history along the valley and river corridor. The last 16 km we get immersed in the best whitewater along the river from the safety of our large pontoon rafts.

60+ Bird Species

The birding component is a highlight. More than sixty species have been identified along the river corridor, and your heart will soar when a golden eagle lifts off the cliff at 150-million-year-old Black Canyon or an osprey dives into the Thompson, emerging with a rainbow trout in its talons.

Forty years ago, only one nesting pair of osprey lived along the Thompson. The original nest has collapsed, but dozens of their offspring now inhabit the treetops between Ashcroft and Lytton.


Pukaist Village & Huge Talus Slope

There was once a large First Nations village of at least 800 people near a long talus slope on the Thompson River. Their burial ground was at the base of the slope that is now home to a collection of mammals, birds and reptiles.

Desert Getaway

Explore the Thompson By Raft

A unique feature of this natural history tour is the exhilarating experience of travelling a breathtaking river by raft. You’ll find it both energizing and stimulating – smiles and laughter are guaranteed. Plus, rafting the river opens up possibilities for us to explore areas that otherwise are nearly impossible to access.

Pool - Panoramic - Version 2

Your Home Base

In the evenings and early mornings, when you are not on the river or exploring a side canyon, you have all the amenities of the Kumsheen Rafting Resort at your disposal. We feast on gourmet French cuisine in the Cutting Board Restaurant, recharge in a Teepee or themed Canvas Cabin, and relax around the pool or hot tub.

Rick Howie

Meet This Year’s Leaders


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