What to Wear and Pack

Although it is not uncommon for May and June temperatures to be in the 25-30 degrees C range (80-85 degrees F.), we want you to come prepared for cold water and cold temperatures. Then, wish for the hot, sunny weather Lytton is famous for. PS: Don’t forget the sunscreen!

What to Wear on the Raft

  • Rain jacket & pants (we have long raincoats available for those who do not have their own rain gear)
  • Rain hat, toque (try a DM Toque), or cap of some kind (something to keep your head warm when you get splashed, especially on cool or cold days)
  • Warm sweater, fleece, or polypropylene pullover
  • Wool or polypropylene undershirt (wear next to the skin)
  • Long, fast-drying pants or sweatpants or tights (anything with a high polyester or nylon content – avoid 100% cotton like jeans)
  • Shorts (depending upon the weather the morning of your trip)
  • Wool or polypropylene socks
  • Running shoes, aqua socks, or sports sandals (footwear you don’t mind getting wet)

In addition to the above, bring a complete change of dry, warm clothes to leave at the resort to wear once you are off the river (including dry shoes and socks).

Note: After we have studied the weather on the morning of the trip, we’ll let you know if shorts are appropriate attire on the raft.

* VERY IMPORTANT: do not wear jeans on the raft – they are the worst possible things you can wear on the river. When jeans get wet they stay wet and you get very, very cold!

If you are camping with us add the following:

Warm sweater or jacket, warm shirt, pants/sweatpants/tights, underwear, T-shirt, shorts, bathing suit, towel, 1 pair wool socks, extra shoes

Shampoo, sunscreen, lip screen, sunglasses, flashlight, toiletries, medication, alarm clock

If you are tenting: foam pad or air mattress, tent, sleeping bag, pillow.


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‒ John Pigeon. Vancouver 24 Hours Magazine